Martin Jones

Martin Jones

Martin Jones is the writer and director of the short film At Dawning starring Jenny Agutter and Yvan Attal, which won the Golden Berlin Bear for Best Short film at the Berlin International FIlm Festival in 2002

He has directed over 100 TV commercials in the last 5 years, including a series of ads for Dyson Vacuum cleaners, an award-winning series of Road Safety commercials and the " Don't Forget What You Came In For" campaign for Woolworths.

During this time he has also been writing and developing comedy and drama scripts, of which At Dawning is the first to be produced.

He has also been shooting very short odd little films, in collaboration with visual artists, performance groups and other like-minded people. These have been seen mainly at film festivals and on late night television.

He has also performed onstage in the Lift production of Gary Steven's Sampler, and was part of the group at Chiat Day London who broke away to form St. Luke's Communications, working on the team that won and developed the IKEA account.

He is currently writing/developing four feature films:Sure, (Not Sure Why) for Neue Filmproduktion Berlin, It Never Happened, which is based on themes and characters presented in At Dawning, Bashing On Regardless, a comedy ghost story, and Plan B, a sci-fi music industry spoof.