Rita Walsh

Rita completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts at The University
of Melbourne in 2002. Over the last five years Rita worked on the productions of many Melbourne film and TV projects that include BoyTown, Noise, Curtin, Lake Mungo, Crackerjack, The Murray Whelan
Series and Kath and Kim. In 2004 she attended the Screen Producer’s
Association of Australia annual conference as part of the Emerging Producers scheme. She formed Standing There Production with Lorin Clarke in 2003 and produced two critically and commercially successful stage plays as well as the short film I Could Be Anybody. Rita also produced the short film Hollow Bones with Nicholas Verso and Rachel Bowen while Hugo was pending a funding decision.
Rita is currently completing a Producers Attachment on Bright Star
with Jan Chapman and is looking forward to producing her first television and film projects with teams like Nicholas and Rachel.

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