Film Club Titles for 2010


Hannah Maynard, a prosecutor of Hague's Tribunal for war crimes in former Yugoslavia, charges a Serbian commander for killing Bosnians. However, her main witness might be lying, so the court sends a t...

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Kurdish teen Bilal has traveled all the way to the north of France in the hope of reuniting with his girlfriend in England. To get around a legal technicality, he decides to swim across the English Ch...

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A Call Girl

Working as a prostitute, Alexandra's life is heading to where she wants it, but an accidental death has her wrestling with new feelings of fear, loneliness, confusion and responsibility.

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The Wind Journeys

A musician travels a great distance to return an instrument to his elderly teacher.

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Only When I Dance

This stunning documentary follows two teenage ballet dancers aspiring to leave their violent favela homes in Brazil to join a revolutionary dance company in the US

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A beautiful Israeli girl plans to elope with a Palestinian mechanic, but a shocking & sadistic turn of events will change their lives forever.

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Before their inevitable farewell, Jorge, a young man of Mayan roots, and Natan, his half-Italian son, spend time together living off the Banco Chinchorro coral reef.

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Filmmaker Ricardo Trogi recalls the events surrounding his family moving to a new neighborhood when he was 11-years-old.

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Come Undone

Anna has a great career and a devoted husband, but when she ignites a sultry affair with married Domenico, she must confront her budding lustful cravings.

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How I Ended This Summer

Against the haunting backdrop of an Artic outpost, 2 men with fiery tempers ignite in a deadly conflict. A handsome newcomer threatens the hostile veteran amidst thick fog, sharp rocks, and the mercil...

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If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle

Right before Silviu is to be released from juvenile detention, his mother kidnaps the younger brother he has single-handedly raised. With no other option, he explodes in a shocking act of defiance.

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Helena from the Wedding

Newlyweds Alex and Alice invite their closest friends to a secluded cabin to ring in the New Year, but when a beautiful young model arrives unannounced, all hell breaks loose.

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