Previous Subscription Films (Film Catalog)

Q. Can I order films from previous months?
A. Yes, simply visit the Film Catalog section of our website to purchase our previous films. Active subscribers will need to log in to their account to get their discount.
Q. How do I receive subscriber discount when buying previous films?
A. You must have an active subscription to receive the discount. Prior to purchasing a previous film simply log into your account. When logged in you will automatically get the subscriber discount when adding previous films to your shopping cart.
Q. Can non-subscribers order previous films?
A. You do not have to be a subscriber to purchase previous films form the Film Catalog.  You do need to be a subscriber to get the subscriber discount on previous film purchases.
Q. What if I need public performance rights for a film?
A. The film prices on our website do not include public performance rights. Films purchased from our website are intended for in home use only. Organizations, Institutions, and individuals seeking public performance rights must contact us to order and receive the correct film pricing.