Renewing a Subscription

Q. What is your renewal policy for non-gift subscriptions?
A. Paid upfront non-gift subscriptions automatically renew at expiration and become monthly subscriptions. This monthly subscription can be canceled anytime.  All rules that apply to our monthly subscription apply to this subscription. The automatic renewing of the paid upfront non-gift subscription into a monthly subscription can be turned off at anytime by logging into your account and disabling the auto-renew. Paid upfront non-gift subscriptions can renewed with another Paid upfront non-gift subscriptions at anytime by simply contacting us or logging into your account. Paid upfront non-gift subscriptions purchased before December 31, 2006 do not auto-renew to monthly subscriptions.

Monthly subscriptions continue each month until cancelled. Billing for the month after your 1st month occurs on the 1st of each month. At any point during your subscription you may choose to cancel. This can be done by disabling the auto-renew within your account.  In order to not receive that month's film you must cancel in the previous month. For example you must cancel in November to not be billed for or shipped the December film.
Q. What is your renewal policy for gift subscriptions?
A. Gift subscriptions do not automatically renew. The recipient or the gift giver may renew the subscription at anytime before or after the subscription expires. The owner of the subscription can simply purchase a renewal form within their account. Gift givers seeking to renew a previous gift must simply give a new gift. The gift recipient will need to redeem the new gift from within their account to be properly credited for the new gift.