Gift Subscriptions

Q. What do gift recipients receive?
A. Gift recipients receive a new award-winning and acclaimed film each month to own on DVD. Included on each DVD is a short film, biographies and other special features. Subscribers also receive special discounts on films in Film Movements catalog.
Q. Who chooses the films that are sent?
A. Film Movement titles are chosen by an acquisitions team with over 30 years combined experience in the independent film industry. They travel around the world to the leading domestic and international film festivals, covering thousands of films to bring you the most innovative, exciting and groundbreaking award winning pictures. We make our selections carefully, and always make sure our films are both entertaining and thought-provoking.
Q. How do I order a gift subscription?
A. GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS are given in the form of an email gift certificate. During the ordering process customers complete an email gift certificate that can be printed or emailed on the day of your choosing. This email gift certificate contains a REDEMPTION CODE that your recipient uses to start the subscription. The recipient enters their redemption code and address when redeeming the gift.  Immediately after redemption the subscription will start and the first film will be mailed.
Q. When do I enter the address of the gift recipient?
A. Gift givers do not enter the address of the gift recipient during the order. The recipient enters their shipping address when they redeem the gift.
Q. Do gift subscriptions start automatically?
A. No. The gift recipient must use the REDEMPTION CODE that appears on their gift card to start the subscription. The redeem process is initiated on the REDEEM page of our website.
Q. What if I want to delay my gift to coincide with a birthday or holiday?
A. You may choose to print or send the gift card email on whatever day you like.
Q. How do I redeem my gift?
A. The email gift card that you received contains a redemption code. Visit the gift section of our website to complete the redemption process. If you are new to Film Movement click the green NEW USER button on the REDEEM page. Then you will be asked to setup your subscription by entering your shipping address, email address, and redemption code. If you have an existing account with Film Movement please see the next question.
Q. How do I redeem my gift if I have an existing Film Movement account?
A. If you have an existing account with Film Movement choose the I ALREADY HAVE A USERNAME button on the REDEEM page of our website. You will need to log in using your current username and password to make insure that the redemption is processed to your current account.  If you have a subscription that is currently active the new gift subscription will be added to the end of that subscription. If you already have an account, but you do not have an active subscription the new subscription will begin immediately.
Q. Do unredeemed gifts expire?
A. Yes. Gifts that are not redeemed within 1 year of the date of purchase become invalid.
Q. Will gifts automatically be renewed?
A. No. Gift subscriptions are fixed amounts of time either 3, 6, or 12 months. The recipient may renew the subscription at anytime before or after the subscription expires. Gift givers that want to renew a gift must simply purchase a new gift. When the recipient redeems the new gift as an existing subscriber the new gift will automatically be added to the end of the previous gift.
Q. Who can purchase catalog films at the subscriber price?
A. Only users with active subscriptions can purchase catalog films at the subscriber price. Gift purchasers, who do not themselves have active subscriptions, do not get the subscriber discount on catalog films.
Q. Is it ever too late to purchase a gift subscription?
A. No. Film Movment's gift card emails allow you to instantly notify your recipient, so orders can be placed at the very last minute. Also, you can print the gift card and deliver it in person.
Q. Is there a way to access the gift card after I have completed my order?
A. Yes. Log into your account and go to the order history section. Click the link to the relevant. When the order opens up you should see a link to print the gift card in the description section of the order.