The Days of Abandonment

Directed by Roberto Faenza
Film Movement
96 Minutes
Romance, Drama
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Olga's life is shattered when her husband abandons her. This prompts her to fall into a period of self-degradation and self-destructive behaviour. The attractive forty-something mother of two, was still very much in love with her husband, but he became restless and distant, and eventually left her for a younger woman. At first Olga is in denial and tries to win him back, but when she sees him with his new love, who turns out to be a friend's daughter, she flies into a rage. Having to face the truth, she falls into a deep depression, oblivious to the attentions she receives from Damien, a musician who lives downstairs. Adapted from the novel by Elena Ferrante.

  • Highest Rating
    "Margarita Buy brings one of her finest performances to The Days of Abandonment."
    Deborah Young, Variety


Awards & Recognition

Golden Lion
Venice Film Festival
Official Selection
Bangkok Int'l. Film Festival
Special Jury Award
Golden Globes, Italy
Best Screenplay
Golden Globes, Italy

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