Days and Clouds

Directed by Silvio Soldini
Film Movement
115 Minutes
Romance, Drama
Poverty, Community
Not Rated
DVD $5.99
PPR $200.00
DRL $499.00
PPR+DRL $599.00
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Well-to-do and sophisticated couple, Elsa and Michele, have a 20 year-old daughter, Alice, and enough money for Elsa to leave her job and fulfill an old dream of studying art history. After she graduates, however, their lives change. Michele confesses he hasn't worked in two months and was fired by the company he founded years ago. Elsa overcomes her initial shock by pouring extra energy into facing the crisis while Michele, exhausted by an unsuccessful job hunt, lets himself go, alternating between vivacity and apathy. The growing distance between them eventually leads to a break-up. Only when they part will they realize that they risk losing their most precious possession: the love that binds them. But in the end, will love conquer all?

DVD Features

Bonus short: Lebenslauf (Course of Life), directed by Thilo Ewers and Waldemar Fast

Sound: Stereo 2.0

Discs: 1

  • Highest Rating
    New York Magazine
  • Highest Rating
    Bob Mondello, NPR
  • Highest Rating
    "[A] superb, moving and thought-provoking film…[A] gripping story…finely observed, marvelously sensitive… emotionally true and absorbing… It’s the kind of film Hollywood should be making… sublimely cast… the essence of cinema so lacking in so many films today… warm, deeply rewarding."
    David Noh, Film Journal


Awards & Recognition

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