An American Satan

Directed by Aram Garriga
Omnibus Entertainment
72 Minutes
Spain, USA
Not Rated

Founded in 1966 in California by Anton Szandor LaVey, the Church of Satan has often been surrounded by mysteries, scandals and moral panics. An immersive journey into one the most fascinating phenomena of American religious pluralism, featuring the views and personal stories by some of today’s active members of the church and other self-styled Satanists.

Director & Cast




  • "Funny, bizarre, surprising and enriching. A deliciously ironic journey through one of the most influential mythologies of American culture in the late 20th century."
    Angel Sala, Director, Sitges Film Festival
  • "'An American Satan' helps us to leave aside our prejudices and get to know more in depth about the philosophy of the Church of Satan."
    Mireia Mullor, Fotogramas
  • "Anton LaVey, the Black Arts, Satanic horror… ‘An American Satan’ methodically invokes, analyzes and displays the diabolical culture initiated in the US in the late 60s."
    Diego López, El buque maldito
  • "Very well documented and with splendid photography."
    Javier Tolentino, RNE Radio 3
Official Selection
Sitges Film Festival
Critics Choice Award
Sant Cugat Fantastic
Best Director
Sant Cugat Fantastic