How Does The Affiliate Program Work?

It's easy. Sign-up and earn a commission on any new customer you refer that purchases from Film Movement. Here is what you can earn.

  • Commission of 10% of sale
  • 30 day referral cookie
  • Average sale of $100+

Links on your website (you must have a functioning website to participate) will direct users to Film Movement's website. If these users make a purchase from Film Movement you get a commission. Along with our partner Commission Junction - we will help you set up, manage and monitor everything including the transaction, reporting, and payments. We send you a check or deposit funds directly into your bank account each month. It is that simple - Sign up today and join affiliates like Have Deals and Bargain Bookmark in helping market Film Movement.

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What Is Film Movement?

Film Movement is the first DVD of the month club for award winning independent and foreign films. Our subscribers receive an award-winning new release each month on DVD as well as an acclaimed Short Film. Films are selected with the help of a Curatorial Board that includes directors of top film institutions such as Lincoln Center, American Film Institute and South by Southwest, among others. Participating films represent the diversity and quality of film in the U.S. and around the world, with most having won awards.

Film Movement also has a large and diverse catalog of award-winning film, from which customers can order individual DVD's at competitive prices.

What The Media Is Saying About Film Movement

"Want to see first-run indie films? Join the club." - The New York Times

"Like a book-of-the-month club." - Forbes

"Cinema Paradiso..." - New York Magazine

"Award-winners from major film festivals..." - Associated Press

"...Film Movement, a new company that is experimenting with simultaneously theatrical and subscription video releases of new independent films..." - Roger Ebert


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